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Faella Rigatoni are great at holding sauces both inside and out, locking all the flavors in their ridges. Their shape is a match made in heaven for rich condiments, with chunks that hide in each hollow tube. They are shorter than sedani, but longer than calamari, so you can play with them in so many recipes, traditional or not. Think: rigatoni carbonara, rigatoni amatriciana, or even rigatoni with creamy tomato sauce. Rigatoni's rough texture and righe (aka ridges) create an ideal surface for mopping up sauces until the last drop. Their solid consistency makes them the shape of choice for a pasta bake, like rigatoni al forno with provola and eggplants. Just cook your Rigatoni al dente to savor their intense flavor and satisfying mouthfeel. Rigatoni Faella are real Italian pasta at its best.
Rigatoni Faella are crafted according to tradition in Gragnano, the legendary birthplace of Italian dried pasta. The hard durum semola flour used to make Rigatoni is 100% Italian semola di grano duro. That's why, when cooked, they fill the room with the aroma of freshly baked bread and toasted grain.

Pastificio Faella has been producing pasta in Gragnano, a town south of Naples in Campania, since 1907. There, the breezes that flow from the mountains to the sea create the perfect conditions for drying pasta, while the pristine spring water from the Lattari Mountains used to make the dough complements this uniquely ideal setting. Pasta Faella is extruded through traditional bronze dies designed specifically for each shape, then air-dried slowly. That's what makes a huge difference between industrial and artisanal pasta: the former is dried in less than an hour at high temperatures through electric ovens, the latter naturally and for at least two days. Because of this slow process, Pasta Faella is easily digested and gives a great sense of satiety.