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This flour is made with 100% Tumminia wheat. Tumminia is an ancient variety of wheat native to Sicily. It can be traced back to when the ancient Greeks inhabited the temples of Selinunte, which is just minutes from Filippo Drago's flour mill in Castelvetrano. Technically speaking, this flour is called Semolato Rimacinato di Tumminia. This means that this flour is cylinder milled into a semi-fine semola flour. This Tumminia flour is excellent for fresh pasta and also bread. Filippo suggests that you mix this Tumminia flour with his Maiorca flour for a delicious and super ancient loaf.
Mix it with other flours to give the hearty, lightly sweet taste of Tumminia to all your baked goods. 
Tumminia is very digestible and even suitable for people with some wheat sensitivities; rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, this flour is super healthy, and has a low glycemic effect, so you’ll stay full for longer. But Filippo doesn’t want you to be fooled by all that health food talk - “It’s not a penance, it’s a joy,” he tells us.
Filippo is particularly respected throughout Sicily for making Pane Nero di Castelvetrano according to traditions, including baking the bread in an oven burning 100% olive tree wood.
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