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This box is all you need to make the best Pasta al Pomodoro, the most classic Italian dish. This recipe comes directly from Sabatino Abagnale, the farmer of "Terra Amore e Fantasia" Tomatoes. Pasta al Pomodoro is a simple dish that, when made with great ingredients, becomes something exceptional.  It's a dish for all seasons, requires only a few ingredients, and takes no time to prepare. This box sets you up to make an amazing Pasta al Pomodoro that will impress your friends and family. A fantastic gift for anyone who appreciates good food and the astonishing simplicity of Italian food traditions.
Packed in a cardboard box filled with non-tacky, festive crinkle paper, this gift box includes the Pasta al Pomodoro recipe and can be personalized with your gift note. 
If unavailable, foods in this gift box will be replaced with similar ingredients of the same or higher value.

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