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Pianogrillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023/2024 harvest is delicate and aromatic. On the nose, it is fruity with bright hints of almonds, while it is smooth on the palate and with a fantastic equilibrium. The finish offers the kind of spice that gently tickles the back of your throat without being overwhelmingly bold. It is a round and exceptionally well-balanced oil. Sicilian olive oil is famous for its outstanding qualities, and our Pianogrillo real EVOO is a prime example of this tradition. Its complex, lively flavor will add zest to salads, pasta, soups, pizza, or just plain good bread. 
Pianogrillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced organically by Lorenzo Piccione in the town of Chiaramonte Gulfi, in the province of Ragusa, from a local variety called Tonda Iblea. “Tonda” refers to the olives’ beautiful round shape, and “Iblea” comes from the Monti Iblei, in southeast Sicilia, where this olive variety originated.
The olives are harvested at the perfect level of maturity in October, individually hand-picked and gathered in wood crates, then immediately transported to the family-owned mill. While the olive grove is ancient (some trees are nearly 1000 years old), the production process is modern and efficient. By combining the best of Sicilian olive tradition with the latest technological innovations, Lorenzo produces a genuinely outstanding extra virgin olive oil.
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