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Marco's milk chocolate is a 45% single-origin cacao from Peru. With notes of tropical fruit, caramel, and cream, Marco chose these beans for their aromatic profile, which makes a bar of truly unique milk chocolate. Only a few ingredients are added to create this square: single-origin cacao butter, Italian raw sugar, and powdered milk from the Inalpi cooperative in Piedmont. 
The Italian powdered milk in this chocolate is made exclusively from fresh milk collected daily from 500 dairy farms in the Alpine area of Piemonte. This is the only milk chocolate in Marco Colzani's collection. Still, it remains faithful to Marco's artisanal philosophy: using the best ingredients sourced from trusted partners and transformed with the highest respect for their natural characteristics. Working closely with South American cacao cooperatives, Marco is one of the world's few true bean-to-bar chocolatiers. He regularly visits his suppliers to taste the beans right at the source and work with the farmers to develop the best fermentation methods. 
Marco makes his bean-to-bar Italian Alp Milk Chocolate in thin, individually-wrapped squares. The perfect size for experiencing the complete pleasure of his chocolate. Like a glass of exceptional wine, this chocolate is meant to be savored slowly, so you can truly appreciate the nuances of these carefully sourced cacao beans. Marco suggests breaking the chocolate square and eating a small piece; it will warm up slowly in the mouth, and the cacao butter will melt and release all the aromas. Wait a few moments before devouring the entire chocolate! It'll be shocking to feel how persistent its flavor can be. 
Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Marco Colzani is our chocolate maker. His life is dedicated to bean-to-bar…
Marco Colzani is a serious bean to bar chocolate maker. His specialty is coaxing the…