Welcome to the Danicoop warehouse in Sarno, Campania

Whenever we travel through Southern Italy, we never miss a chance to visit our tomato producers in Sarno, right outside of Napoli. This time we spent half a day there, to check in on the new harvest and say ciao to the whole Danicoop team.

The most recent addition to the Danicoop headquarters is a pizzeria, actually a Pomodorìa, where Danicoop real and honest tomatoes are front and center in the whole menu. We were lucky enough to get a taste of it with the fluffiest pizza as an office snack!

Danicoop San Marzano Tomatoes Napoli Sarno

Walking around the warehouse we saw the pallets of San Marzano Tomatoes and 100% Italian Tomatoes waiting to be shipped to the Bronx, that’s always exciting! We sat down with Paolo Ruggiero, who told us that unfortunately this year’s harvest of San Marzano Tomatoes produced a scarce quantity, leaving the Danicoop cooperative of farmers with less tomatoes than they had hoped for. In late August storms and hail damaged a good portion of the San Marzano Tomato fields. Luckily everything that had been harvested before the bad weather is of excellent quality.

What about the 100% Italian Tomatoes? Grown and harvested by small farmers in the regions of Molise and Puglia, they were not affected by the stormy weather that hit the Campania region. Paolo said: “Grazie al cielo this year’s 100% Italian Tomatoes are many and beautiful!”

Danicoop San Marzano Tomatoes Napoli Sarno