Trading Italy’s Best Foods for Best Pixels

Shantanu Starick @ Gustiamo
Shantanu Starick @ Gustiamo

Introduced to Gustiamo by Sara Jenkins a few months ago (thank you Sara!!!), Shantanu paid us a visit last Monday. Shantanu is a professional photographer.

The deal was: he would take photos, we would give him food. It was much more than that. It was an inspiring experience for all of us.

Shantanu @ Gustiamo, Santomiele Dry Figs
Shantanu @ Gustiamo, Santomiele Dry Figs

Shantanu is a young, good looking, well mannered Australian and his project, ThePixelTrade is to travel and cover all the continents (7) without money but with his camera. He has NOT been using cash since the project started, a year ago.

People (he calls them trade. Gustiamo was a trade) will barter and buy for him whatever he needs, mainly food, lodging or transportation. Fascinating. Of course, we had tons of questions. Why? As a young professional, he realized his (and everybody else’s) life was too much centered over money. He said, when you do not think of money, human relationships become different, more true, relaxed and concentrated on real values.

Shantanu Starick - The Pixel Project
Alice and Pooron preparing EVOO Tastings

Everybody at Gustiamo loved having Shantanu in  the warehouse: I heard Pooron telling Elliott, who was not in the warehouse on Monday, what Shantanu’s project was all about (he got it!) and that Shantanu was following and taking photographs of all Gustiamo’s operations but he was not in the way; Pooron also said: I liked it, I wouldn’t mind if he came back. Meaning, he would love for Shantanu to come back. So would the rest of us!

We look forward to receiving Shantanu’s beautiful photos. In the meantime we are just happy for the big lesson he gave us. Therefore, this is my introduction for Shantanu. If you want to trade with Shantanu, email him or us.

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