The pasta that stole the show.

Filippo Drago was a celebrity at the Fancy Food Show. EVERYONE wanted to talk to him.

What did they want to talk about? Well, mainly 3 things.

One, how well he pays the young farmers who grow the grain he mills. Good farmers deserve good money! Two, how he stone mills his grain. Three, how unique and delicious his Tumminia Busiate Pasta is and how he suggests we all eat it.

The answer to #3 for Filippo is Cacio e Pepe. That is his favorite way to eat Tumminia Busiate.

But he also says keep it simple. These Busiate with good extra virgin olive oil and sea salt are incredible.

Our friend Chef Cicala brought a bag home from our Fuori Fancy party and made this Pesto Trapanese. Stunning!

This is our recipe for Pesto Trapanese.

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