Tasting Notes: Pianogrillo for Gustiamo

Pianogrillo Gustiamo
Alice (ah-lee-chay), our EVOO expert

But really, how does this Pianogrillo for Gustiamo taste?

Here is Alice, Gustiamo’s in house EVOO scholar and connoisseur. She just tasted Pianogrillo for Gustiamo.

Remember, the tins we have in the warehouse are from last year harvest. This oil was made almost a year ago. The new olives are being harvested now and 2013-2014 oil will arrive at the end of this year.

Ok, Alice, how does Pianogrillo for Gustiamo taste, now? Her notes: Buttery but not heavy, round and balanced, light artichokes notes, green flavor, slightly bitter, nice spiciness in the end, not strong. In a word, GREAT!