Summer Panettone is Here

Summer Panettone Biasetto header Gustiamo

Fresh Panettone in the summer? No, you are not dreaming. Chef Luigi Biasetto is here for us, making our dreams come true.

Presenting Chef Luigi’s summertime creation, SUMMER PANETTONE, and we’re throwing a pop up sale to celebrate.

With an explosion of aromas and unique flavor combinations, Summer Panettone is an innovative twist on the legendary Christmas classic.

Here’s a special video directly from the exclusive Biasetto pastry lab of how Summer Panettone is made.

In the words of Chef Luigi himself: “Soft and light, Summer Panettone combines the freshness of candied ginger and star anise with the Mediterranean perfumes of oranges from Calabria and raisins soaked in Marsala wine. And finally a touch of turmeric for a crumb that shines golden like the sun.”

These Summer Panettoni are SO fresh. They were baked in Padova literally one week ago.

Summer Panettone is small, it’s half as big as Biasetto holiday Panettone.

Summer Panettone is very limited, we just have a few. So hop to it.

Summer Panettone Biasetto header Gustiamo