Dedicated to All Pizzaioli – How Enzo Coccia Does It

PizzaWe are going to share the Ultimate Pizza Secret.
(At left, Il Pizzaiolo‘s Pizza – picture taken by Gustiamo 3 days ago in Pittsburgh.)

When you prepare the tomato sauce for your pizza and you open the tin of San
Marzano tomatoes
, you MUST use all the content of the tin, both the tomatoes
and the juice. By doing this: 1. you don’t waste any of the precious can and 2.
the pizza will come out just right, not too dry nor too wet.

Easier said than done. We asked celebrity Pizzaiolo and Gustiamo’s good friend, Enzo Coccia, how he does it. He suggests breaking the tomatoes in the tin by hand, not with an electric tool, “Si deve lavorare di polso” (you must work with your wrists), Enzo says.DANI Coop

We still couldn’t reach perfection and, risking sounding like complete idiots, we asked Enzo to show us exactly how he does it. Here it is, from famed Pizzaria la Notizia, in Napoli:
How Enzo Coccia breaks the tomatoes. (Click on the arrow, below)

Additional translation to the video:

You need to add a pinch of salt (35gr if you are a Pizzaiolo and are using our 2.5 Kg tin). Can’t use a mixer or any electrical tool, it would heat up the tomatoes and also is against tradition. You must break the tomatoes by hand in pieces that are not too big, nor too small.
By using this method, the pizza will be not too wet nor too dry. Buon Appetito!


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