Pistachios Are In For 2023, Eater Says So

“There’s something about pistachios that makes them seem fancier than other nuts” writes Amy McCarthy for Eater. Is it their color? Their taste? The sultry sound of the word itself? Whatever the case, pistachios are in for 2023. They’re showing up everywhere from Starbucks lattes to scented candles with their signature green hue and addictive nutty aroma.

The brightest green and most flavorful pistachios grow in Sicily, specifically on the slopes of Mt Etna surrounding the town of Bronte. Since the trees have to work extra hard to extract nutrients from the lava floes on which they grow, DOP Bronte pistachios have an amazing concentration of nutrients. On top of that, the harvest only takes place every other year. This gives the pistachio trees time to recoup their energy for an extra flavorful crop the following season.

Pistachios fit right into the age of Tik Tok and Instagram. Colorful, familiar, yet somewhat highbrow, pistachios are suited to fitness and dessert culture alike. Amy argues this has “created a niche in which pistachios serve as both an (allegedly) heart-healthy treat and an indulgence in multiple contexts.”

DOP Bronte pistachios take that indulgence to the next level with their unparalleled flavor and emerald green color. Corrado Assenza at Caffè Sicilia uses them for all manner of classic Sicilian desserts, including his famous torrone. Marco Colzani blends them with extra virgin olive oil, sugar, and salt to create one of the most luxurious crema spalmabile known to man. With only 30,000 tons produced per year (compare to California’s 4 million), Bronte pistachios are a lavish treat that’ll transform any dish they touch.