New in New York

In Chinatown, HSF restaurant changed hands and management, a week ago, and it is now called Sunshine Restaurant. It kept all the old flashy chinese decorations on the walls from the previous restaurant. Perfect dim sum, on a rainy Saturday.

In Little Italy, Di Palo opened a small wine store, with impressive chandeliers, custom made in Murano, hanging from the ceiling. Between it and the venerable old food store, there is a plastic void because they are still working at the expansion of the food store. Michael says we have more wine at home, but the store just opened and more wine will arrive soon.

On the Upper West Side, an Italian company, Parmacotto opened Salumeria Rosi, where they sell cured meets and prepared foods. Parmacotto is a producer of processed meat products based in Parma and it was founded in 1978. They control several brands made in 3 industrial plants. Rosi is the name of the family who owns Parmacotto. Cesare Casella, a chef in New York of former Beppe and Maremma (what happened to them?), is also involved. It is a small place, with a huge ceramic work of Italy on the black back wall and ceiling. The takeout was open on Saturday, but the restaurant was closed at lunch, therefore, we couldn’t taste its food.