Lunch With The Devil

Gustiamo's Warehouse
Gustiamo’s Warehouse

Annie Myers, a very pretty, energetic, passionate, young woman, created a project, Radishes and Rubbish, last fall. She organizes field trips for NYU students to visit food companies/venues in and around New York City. Check out their calendar! Next trip is April 9 to the Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx with David Pasternack. Unfortunately, I will be in Italy; otherwise, I would certainly go and would not mind at all that the appointment is for 3 AM.

The group was small (in the middle of spring break, many could not attend – one reason to do it again. OK, Annie?) but Annie, Tracy and Stephanie were very well spoken and opinionated. And combative! You know, they are not just NYU students, they are students at the venerable NYU Food Studies Dept. They are all into sustainable, artisanal, treat well the land, treat well the people… and LOCAL. Therefore, the DEVIL of the title here refers to Gustiamo, whose carbon footprint is not a size 6. They came, they learned about our food artisans, they ate their products. And they shopped! Where we able to convince them that there are times when you must compromise and share globally beautiful food? I hope so. Care Annie, Stephanie and Tracy, good luck with your studies and Grazie for coming to Gustiamo!