Lesson of Knife – Or, was it Golf?

Phyllis Rebecca and MartinaMartina gave us (Phyllis, Rebecca and me) a wonderful gift for Christmas (my favorite gift, short of a basket from Gustiamo). It was a lesson of knife skills with Norman Weinstein at the Institute of Culinary Education (formerly Peter Kump). We went last Thursday night.

Not only did we have a lot of fun, we (I) learned a lot! It completely changed the way I use the knife. A few things Norman is adamant about:

knife feb 2009

– use only good knives. This seems logical but I, for one, have a collection of weird knives from all over the world. Norman likes – and I am sure, he takes commissions  from the sales of – Wusthof knives. Norman likes to use only few knives for many tasks; he favors the 10 inch blade. I bought this enormous knife at a discount at the school.
Norman Pyllis and Beatrice– take good care of your knives; they always need to be sharp. Have it done (once a year) by professionals. NEVER stop at the trucks with the bells on the street. He says they ruin knives. I always used them because I always felt sorry for the guys and wanted to help them.

– never watch the food network. I never do. Mainly, because I don’t have the time.

– then, the real cutting starts: it is all in your grip, swing and follow through. [Could this cutting lesson ever help my golf game, too?] I’ve done a lot of practice since cutting/slicing/chopping/dicing with pleasure and ease. Last night, I even sliced paper thin a clove of garlic with the 10 in. knife. Thank you, Martina. Next time is boning and carving.

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  1. Anne Beth Leonardi says:

    Dear Beatrice,
    Don’t know if you remember me but I did work with you and Martina, and loved it at Esperya. Anyway, I am actually taking this class this Thursday. It would have been quite wonderful had I arrived last Thursday and seen you there.
    Anne Beth

  2. Ciao Anne Beth, of course we remember you! How are you? You should come and see us in the South Bronx, now. Please, do! Actually, we are having a tasting of our new olive oils this Thursday around 11 am. Why don’t you join us then?
    You’ll enjoy your knife lesson with Norman. I don’t think he is aware he was blogged. Could you tell him, pls?
    I am sure, after your first lesson, you’ll want to attend the carving and boning. Why don’t we coordinate that one?

  3. Anne Beth Leonardi says:

    Well, I became ill and never got to the class. My daughter and her boyfriend enjoyed it instead. I will definitely reschedule.
    I certainly do have to pay you a visit. Armand and I will surprise you some day.

  4. so sorry to hear. since martina and i are thinking to take that class again, in addition to the boning and carving, we should coordinate and go together.
    looking fwrd to see you in the bronx. but call, before you come. i want to make sure i am here.

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