The Farmers’ Market in Roma – Campagna Amica

After we select our producers, we continuously check on them to make sure they keep up with our highest quality standards. We do the same with the places we recommend. This time it’s the turn of Mercato di Roma, near Circo Massimo. It’s an indoor market, located in a beautiful building that once was the old Jewish fish market (the star of David is still in the dome, in the center of the building). Some of the best farmers, bakers, butchers, fish mongers, and cheese makers of the Lazio region sell their products here during the weekend. Not only is this a wonderful place, I asked Pietro Hausmann, who works there now but used to work for Gustiamo, to give you a tour. IN ENGLISH!!! If you go to Roma, you must go to the market and meet Pietro. He will be your host. He starts here (click on the arrow):

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