Elizabeth Minchilli’s Italian Table Gift Box

Elizabeth Minchilli is one of Gustiamo’s good friends and an Italian food writer. Elizabeth’s mission is not only unlocking the Italian food world to Americans through her food tours and travels, it is also educating them on how to bring Italian food inspiration to their homes:

People are always asking me for trusted resources in the USA for buying the ingredients I recommend in my recipes. Things like pasta, olive oil, nuts and flour. It’s not always easy figuring out what is ‘real’ and worth the extra price to pay for high quality foods imported from Italy. […] One of my trusted resources in the states is the company Gustiamo. The owner, Beatrice, travels constantly up and down Italy searching out not just the best Italian ingredients, but those made sustainably and by people who are as passionate about the land and the food they produce as they are their business.

Elizabeth just published her latest book, “The Italian Table”, a collection of recipes for home cooks and hosts. It’s a step by step guidance on how to recreate fabulous meals at your table. To celebrate her work and her support to Italian food artisans, we’ve curated a special gift box full of ingredients to cook from her book. In her own words:

For the holidays Beatrice has let me choose a few of my favorite items and put them together in a gift box, along with a signed copy of my book, The Italian Table. It was hard to choose what to include (I want everything!) but I constrained myself. I decided to include a few ingredients that could help get you started on one of the most delicious menus in the book: Lunch in a Renaissance Garden.

Check it out, this food gift box makes the perfect gift for someone you know who loves to cook.