Dried figs, finalmente

Fagottino is Italian for bundle. Santomiele Dried Fig Fagottino is a traditional bundle of sweets from Cilento, in Campania. Look at Signora Rosetta at work, that’s the exact way they make every single one of these fig fagottini, carefully by hand.

Each delicate packet contains an abundance of flavors and textures:

✤ These White Dottato figs are prized for their dense and sweet pulp.

✤ Santomiele dries their figs in the Cilento sun and stuffs them with Sicilian almonds.

✤ Then, the figs are soaked in fig molasses and rum for 10 hours.

✤ Finally, they are garnished with orange peels and raisins.

PLUS! Everything is wrapped inside a fig leaf + an old map of Cilento.