Dried figs are better than fresh

Santomiele, our dried fig producer in Cilento, Campania, told us that sun dried figs have three times the nutritional benefits of fresh figs. Three times! Dried figs are a powerhouse of vitamins, fiber, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. No wonder the locals of Cilento are known for their longevity, word of the NYTimes.

dried figs

The health secrets of the Mediterranean diet hide in a little fig leaf wrap. Santomiele dried figs are a pocket-sized, sumptuously rich treat offering an all natural sweetness (no added sugars in these figs), no preservatives, and a boost of essential minerals. Snacking perfection achieved.

This traditional bundle encloses raisins, candied orange peels, almonds, fig molasses, a splash of rum (!!), and the heavenly white, small figs belonging to the heirloom Dottato variety.

These precious figs are picked by hand, dried in the sun for over a week, and finally packed – you guessed it – by hand in their own leaves. This is the slow, healthy life of Cilento, wrapped in a fagottino.