Dreaming of Black Rice

Erica De Mane is a chef and food writer. She is the author of “The Flavors of Southern Italy” and “Pasta Improvvisata”. One night, she had a delicious dream about black rice.

In order to to make her dream a reality, she bought Gustiamo’s Venere Nero that has been made by Pacifico Crespi’s family in Piemonte since 1821. Erica also researched the nutritious qualities of black rice. As it turns out, there are so many! When she received the rice by mail from Gustiamo, she said that “it looked just like in my dream: blackish purple, shiny, and lovely.”

With our black rice, she was inspired to create a recipe with shrimp, tomatoes, guanciale and rosemary. It’s absolutely delicious! We make it regularly for our Gustiamo lunches, usually with our Piennolo tomatoes and BuonOlio extra virgin olive oil.

Our suggestion to Erica? Dream more often; you are making the most delectable food!

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  1. Interesting. Many people think of only two types of rice: white and brown; who knew there was black!? This rice looks both delicious and nutritious

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