Del Posto’s Mark Ladner Loves Piennolo Tomatoes

Chef Mark Lardner, of Del Posto in NYCChef Mark Ladner of Del Posto in NYC was interviewed by Food & Wine. The topic of the interview was one of our personal favorite American food conundrums, how to use tomatoes in winter. Mark’s solution? Piennolo tomatoes!

You may remember, Piennolo tomatoes were featured on the Today’s Show during holiday time. The NBC crew loved them. Turns out, they are not alone. Many of our friends who are chefs (as well as non-chefs) rely on these vine tomatoes for superior tomato flavor all year round. We are thrilled that Mark Ladner is one of them. As the article says Mark thinks “people underestimate the quality of really good canned or jarred tomatoes…” We couldn’t agree more! The article goes on to say that Mark’s “highest praise goes to the piennolo tomatoes from Mount Vesuvius,” as he says, “They’re so extraordinarily delicious, we use them year-round.

Said so well! Grazie, Mark. We’re incredibly glad you understand the importance of canning (or in this case, jarring) tomatoes. It is something very near and dear to Italians, a big part of our national food culture. I guess the Italian secret of exquisite tomatoes, even in winter, is out!