Carlo Frigenti, San Marzano Tomato Farmer

No one is more important to us than the farmers who produce our food. When Carlo Frigenti paid us a surprise visit, we were all swooning. Carlo is a San Marzano Tomato farmer. He grows the DaniCoop San Marzano Tomatoes that we import. Just a few weeks ago, he planted 8,000 San Marzano Tomato plants, then he hopped a plane for NYC to visit his daughter.

The way he talks about his tomatoes is inspiring . Watch this video. It is in Italian, but you will understand. He says:

“These are my tomatoes. They come from Italy, from the Agro Nocerino Sarnese. They have a very precious taste. You must taste them and then you will say to me, ‘yes, it’s true Carlo, the San Marzano Tomato is a gem.” You have to taste it, if you haven’t tasted it you will not know the truth. This is totally DOP San Marzano Tomoates… this tomato is gold!”

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