Caffe’ Sicilia, the Pastry Shop Inside and Outside

Beatrice and Corrado AssenzaAfter the NYTimes article, everybody is talking about Caffe’ Sicilia, in Noto. What is it? It’s a pastry shop on the main “Corso” of Noto, a baroque town perched on a hill between Catania and Ragusa.
The Caffe’ is open to the public and you can taste their wonderful ice creams, granite, cassate, nougats and sweets as a regular customer, even if you don’t have a personal recommendation. You’ll still feel privileged just to be there. But if you say you are a friend of Gustiamo‘s, Corrado and Carlo Assenza will treat you like royalty.

This is how the Caffe’ looks, from the outside, introduced by Corrado Assenza, the master pastry chef, in person. (Click on the arrow.)

All the products are made on the premises, meaning in the basement of the Pastry Shop. Here is Corrado, explaining why this marble table is such an important factor at making his wonderful creations, including the Almond Nougat (with almonds from Noto) and the Pistachio Nougat (made with pistachios from Bronte). Talking about these nougats, why are they so difficult to open? Not a problem, Corrado says, here is how you do it. Watch the video, below. (Click on the arrow)

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