The Obesity-Hunger Paradox. In The South Bronx the Highest Rate.

The South Bronx is our day time neighborhood. We come here every single day, rain or shine, to work in our office/warehouse. We see the people who live in this area every day and there is no doubt that obesity is a major problem. Surprisingly, I just read in the NYTimes, also hunger is a major problem in the South Bronx. It is called the Bronx Obesity-Hunger Paradox. They say that hunger and obesity are often flip sides to the same malnutrition coin. Sad but true!!! You can’t find a decent place to eat or to shop for food around here. Nobody cooks at home. We are thinking of doing something!!!

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  1. Obesity is indeed a very serious issue! Every individual should find ways and alternatives on how to maintain a well balance diet and healthy lifestyle.

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