Tradition Meets Tatoos and Piercing in the Coffee World.


Sant’Eustachio Coffee’s owner, Raimondo (second from right), is in New York and pays a visit with us to Stumptown, the cool coffee bar in the Ace Hotel. He goes to work at the machine right away and loves the coffee (it is roasted in Brooklyn by our friend Ed!). Raimondo says  there is three times more coffee in one cup than what is customary in Italy and at Sant’Eustachio in Roma. It was like business suit (Raimondo) meets tatoos and piercing; traditional meets cool. As it happens, it was quite a celebration, because we found out that the lovely young people behind the counter at Stumptown knew all about Sant’Eustachio and had visited the coffee bar in Roma. They said the coffee in Roma was exceptional! We agree!

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