Biasetto Panettone in the Washington Post

Most panettone this side of the Atlantic are of the dry supermarket variety. Despite their pretty packaging (even the worst panettone come dressed for the party), they are chock full of chemicals, preservatives, poor quality ingredients, and sadness.

Thankfully, the Washington Post has put together a short list of the best panettone available in the United States, featuring producers who care deeply about the integrity of their products. Of course chef Luigi Biasetto made the cut!

“Thanks to Bronx-based importer Gustiamo, pastry chef Luigi Biasetto’s plush panettone is available stateside. Biasetto’s loaves are remarkably airy and fragrant with candied orange, lemon and citron zest as well as candied cherries.”

Panettone is notoriously difficult to make, and it can take years for bakers to perfect a recipe. Our panettone producer Luigi Biasetto is a master of this craft, using only the highest-quality ingredients to make his perfectly fragrant, light, airy loaves.

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