Balsamic Vinegar Grape Fraud in The Guardian

We are fierce defenders of real balsamic vinegar and news like this latest balsamic article from The Guardian makes our blood boil.

Lorenzo Tondo reported on the seizure of more than 18 million pounds of crushed grapes by the Italian police as part of an investigation into fraudulent  balsamic vinegar production. Tondo writes, “The fraudsters allegedly sold the common table grape must to companies which produce balsamic vinegar and passed it off as being from the prized sangiovese and trebbiano varieties.” In this way, they were attempting to subvert the DOP regulations for the highly prized “Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena,” of which only about 10 thousand liters are produced each year.

This product can only legally be made from certain grapes traditionally used for wine cultivation in Modena. Upholding this standard is extremely important because grape must is the only ingredient used to make Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale. Stefano Vaccari, the head of the Central Repression of Fraud Inspectorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, affirmed the necessity of his organization’s stringent monitoring: “This is not just a health problem …The problem is the reputation of products that are made in Italy. This is what we must defend.’’

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