Food Inc. Where Is It? Why Is It Not Showing Anymore Anywhere?

Food IncSomewhere, I heard Alice Waters saying she learned a lot from this documentary and she certainly knows a great deal about food. I went to see it a couple of months ago. Recently, I wanted to take my husband to make sure he doesn’t miss anything. But where is this important movie? It was so very well done, he/you MUST see it. After that, YOU’LL NEVER LOOK AT DINNER THE SAME WAY AGAIN, as they say on the film poster, on the left.

You will be more careful with your food shopping; you will want to know where your food comes from; and you’ll want to know what’s in it.

The movie explains how it all started: from the subsidies for corn given by the government to the farms which have become factories of mass-produced, corn-fed cattle. This is then slaughtered and ground into ”hamburger meat filler,” which is cleansed with ammonia, all so that we can buy a double cheeseburger for 99 cents.

It was mind boggling to see how the food industry is using corn. It has become so cheap that not only is it used to unnaturally feed animals, including fish, but also as a conservant and additive in a myriad of foods (many of those strange sounding ingredients in the labels of packaged foods contain corn in some way) and non foods (batteries, for example) too.

Where is this movie?  Bring it back!

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  1. It’s coming to DVD November 3rd – you can pre-order it on Amazon (I did so yesterday!)

  2. Camille,
    I saw the movie last night; it’s available for free on-line; streamed;
    also confirms what I know about Monsanto and their Roundup Ready seeds and how it is hurting many farmers;

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