Balsamic Saba 6

 Balsamic Saba 6 is wonderfully viscous with an amazingly thick texture.

We like to call it a young balsamic vinegar. Balsamic Saba is a condiment, with an impeccable balance between sweet and acidic. It’s a combination of saba, the sweet syrup obtained from the reduction of grape must (aka grape juice), and naturally acidified cooked grape must.

Yes, there is only ONE ingredient in Balsamic Saba: grape

Mariangela Montanari created her Balsamic Saba 6with one purpose in mind: cooking.
With its thick body and woody aroma, this condiment pairs perfectly with strong flavors. From deglazing, to marinating, sautéeing, and roasting, there are endless variations of agrodolce recipes that shine the spotlight on Balsamic Saba 6.
Mariangela’s favorite culinary inspirations with Balsamic Saba 6 include a nutty summer farro salad with a Mediterranean kick, a balsamic variation of the classic caprese salad, a fragrant and fresh risotto with zucchine, crunchy salmon deglazed in the pan, and agrodolce rabbit cacciatora.

Perhaps you are familiar with Balsamic Saba 3?
Balsamic Saba 6 is number 3’s more mature cousin. Balsamic Saba 6 is aged for more time; it’s thicker, sweeter, and smoother. It ages in barrels for twice the time and develops a greater flavor complexity and more viscous texture.