A little talk about Risotto.

That feeling when you are in your warm kitchen, with people you love, sipping a glass of wine, and stirring the risotto.

Mantecare! That’s Italian for when all that starchy goodness comes out of the rice kernels and transforms into risotto. That’s what the stirring is all about.

Gazzani Rice, both Carnaroli and Vialone Nano, is particularly good because it’s practically impossible to obtain anything but the best possible consistency. This rice is grown and milled by experts near Verona, in Veneto, just for that result. They’ve been doing it for 369 years. 369 YEARS of risotto rice know-how! To call them risotto rice experts is a gross understatement.

Nailed it: that creamy, hearty, never mushy, risotto perfection. Every time.