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Marco Colzani is committed to making the freshest, cleanest chocolate imaginable. His tasting box includes 12 individually-wrapped squares of outstanding chocolate sourced from three different single origins.

The three different chocolates are designed to be tasted in descending order of cacao content, they are:

Venezuela, 80%: with little sugar, the intense flavors and aromas of smoked spice and roasted cacao really pop. Smooth and soft, the natural sweetness of the cacao bean pleasantly mellows out the bitterness.

Sao Tome, 78%: perfectly balanced with a light bitter touch, this chocolate boasts notes of concord grape and licorice.

Dominican Republic, 72%: this chocolate is very low in acidity; notes of dried plum and cherry jam give it a deep round flavor, with hints of tangerine peels that add bright freshness.

Marco is one of the world’s few true “bean to bar” chocolatiers. He regularly travels to visit his cacao bean suppliers to get to know the farmers, taste the beans right at the source, and work with the farmers to develop the best fermentation methods. Marco only makes chocolate in thin, individually-wrapped squares, which he says are the perfect size for experiencing the full pleasure of his chocolate. Like a glass of special wine, this chocolate is meant to be savored in just the right quantity, so you can truly appreciated the nuances of these carefully sourced cacao beans.

That is also why Marco uses just two ingredients: cacao beans and cane sugar - no additives, preservatives, soy or vanilla. He calls his chocolate “spremuta di fave” -  the freshly squeezed juice of cacao beans. His recipe is never the same twice, since he adjusts the sugar-to-cacao bean ratio based on each individual batch of beans. He also ages his chocolate for 2-3 months; like in winemaking, aging lets the chocolate’s deep flavor develop, but this a costly process that most chocolate makers skip. Marco’s chocolate is also un-conched, which means it is processed as little as possible, so the beans maintain their natural flavor characteristics. In all of the artisanal sweets he produces, his philosophy is simple: “to take away everything that is unnecessary, and try to come as close as possible to the original.”