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Satisfy your sweet tooth and your coffee craving all at once with these tiny treasures: Ecuadorian chocolate wrapped around Brazilian Arabica coffee beans. The fresh, floral notes of this single-origin chocolate merge with the coffee's subtle hints of tobacco and caramel, creating a special treat to enjoy whenever you need a little boost.    
Master chocolatier Marco Colzani is known for processing his chocolate as little as possible to preserve the beans' natural flavor characteristics. He never uses additives or preservatives and carefully adjusts the sugar-to-cacao ratio for each batch, patiently aging the chocolate to perfection. And he processes the coffee beans himself, too: the Arabica beans are gently roasted to enhance their aromas and deliver a warm, distinct personality. Then they are dipped in the chocolate for the perfect balance of smooth and crunchy, sweet and bitter. The result is the best of the Italian coffee + chocolate traditions adapted to conserve the excellence of these ingredients.
Working closely with South American cacao cooperatives, Marco is one of the world's few true bean-to-bar chocolatiers. He regularly visits his suppliers to taste the beans right at the source and work with the farmers to develop the best fermentation methods. Marco's chocolate-covered coffee beans contain just three ingredients: cacao beans, Italian raw cane sugar, and coffee. But there is more. Marco's cacao butter comes from the same beans as the chocolate. This is almost unique in chocolate production: cacao butter is typically a mass-market commodity, and it's infrequent finding chocolatiers who opt for a process that starts from scratch. 
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