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Quick Italian linguistics lesson: Spaghetti gets its name from the Italian word “spago,” meaning string. Spaghetti means little strings, and Spaghettini are, therefore... very tiny strings! Spaghettini are thinner than Spaghetti, cook faster, and have a lighter - and yes, stringier - mouthfeel. You can use them wherever a recipe calls for angel hair, Vermicelli, or Capellini. This makes them best matched with delicate sauces, such as a simple dressing of sauteed garlic and olive oil. The hard durum semola flour used to make Spaghettini Martelli is 100% Italian semola di grano duro.  
Martelli pasta is much more than a vehicle for sauce. What makes Martelli pasta exceptional is the taste - the earthy flavor of quality wheat - and its satisfying density. It can be enjoyed with just a drizzle of olive oil, but be sure to cook it al dente!
Martelli pasta is made from top-quality semola manually worked into a dough using cold water. The dough is cut with traditional bronze dies, and the pasta is air-dried for 40-52 hours. These processes give the pasta a rough surface and special porousness, perfect for catching pasta sauce. Compared to industrial pasta - oven-dried in under an hour -the artisanal, slow drying process used by the Martelli family allows the pasta to be digested much more easily and keeps you full for longer.
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