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When we say the Mediterranean diet is the best kind of diet, we have science on our side. Before becoming an in-depth studied and celebrated model, the benefits of following a diet rich in vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts, and good fats were already before our eyes. Have you ever wondered why Mediterranean regions are inhabited by some of the world's longest-living and healthiest populations? Their diet has followed that model for generations. And as if it wasn't already enough, they were feeding on some of the most delicious foods in the world!  This gift box features an astonishing assortment of ingredients that will cheer any home chef who is also a lover of Italy. It's everything you need to stock your quintessential Mediterranean pantry. Give the gift of the warm Mediterranean sun and culture with this hand-picked selection of the best artisanal foods from Italy. 
Packed in a cardboard box filled with non-tacky, festive crinkle paper, this gift box can be personalized with your gift note at checkout.
If unavailable, foods in this gift box will be replaced with similar ingredients of the same or higher value.

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