The Gustiamo [not so] Corporate
Gift Program

Here's the thing about gifting, it's so easy to give a gift that will be under appreciated.
Gustiamo can change that with our personalized Italian food gifts. We specialize in gifts designed for you and your giftees, that fit your budget and feature their favorite foods.

How does it work?

Choose a unique
Italian food gift
This is the fun part! Work with one of our Italian food experts to create the perfect gift. It might be a highly curated basket full of the best foods only from Sicily. Or it might be one elegant bottle of real extra virgin olive oil or balsamic vinegar. Our gifts are completely customizable.
Choose your
preferred packaging
You can choose between our upcycled wooden crates, rescued from the Hunts Point market in the Bronx, or our boxes filled with gifty natural brown crinkle paper.
Add a gift card
+ a recipe
You can send us your personal gift card for each box, or we will print your gift message for you. We can also pop in the instructions for a classic Italian recipe if you’d like.
Put your gift recipient list together
If you have more than 10 gift recipients, you can simply give us the list of addresses of your friends, family, employees, customers, business partners, life partners, and/or frenemies!
Ship when
you want
Plan in advance. We will schedule your gifts to ship out when you choose. We can ship to each individual recipient or ship them all to you.
Real Italian
food magic
Something special happens when you gift farmer made food from Italy. Believe us, everyone will keep talking about your amazing Italian food gifts until the next holiday season.
Are you looking for a special gift idea for a list of 10 or more recipients?
If your answer is yes, you qualify for The Gustiamo [not so] Corporate Gift Program.
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