Italian Gift Baskets

Gustiamo specializes in Italian gourmet food gifts for the holidays and all year round. Here's the thing about gifting. It's so easy to give a gift that will be under appreciated. But something special happens when you gift farmer made food from Italy.

Holiday packaging. It usually drives us crazy. Cellophane and plastic are the worst. Fake wicker baskets make our eyes roll.
Gifts in Wooden Crates. Our wooden crates are rescued from our local produce market, they are re-purposed and give off vintage-fabulous vibes.
Gifts in Cardboard Boxes. For those of you who like to keep it simple, we have plain boxes filled with gifty (non-tacky) natural brown crinkle paper.
Custom Packaging. Do you have a unique idea for special packing?
Call us, let's talk gift presentation.

A bottle of authentic aged balsamic vinegar is a great alternative to that same-old gift bottle of wine.
Everyone loves freshly pressed real extra virgin olive oil, even those hard to gift people in your life!
We are also experts when it comes to putting together recipe box gifts, which include the ingredients you need to cook a classic Italian recipe.

If you are a business, organization, or just an individual with many Italian food baskets to give, check out our gift programs:

For more than 10 gifts
Corporate Gift Program

For less than 10 gifts
Italian Food Baskets + Boxes