[not so] Corporate Gift Program

Here's the thing about gifting: it's so easy to give something that will be underappreciated. Gustiamo can change that with our personalized Italian food gifts.

Gustiamo gifts are easy for you and memorable for them.

We supply companies/individuals with gifts around:

Gustiamo gifts are unique – they fit your budget and feature their favorite foods.

Gustiamo gifts are personal – our baskets are 100% customizable with your gift wishes and branding materials.

Gustiamo gifts are sustainable - no awful plastic holiday packaging. Boho-chic upcycled wooden crates are the 2022 thing!

Gustiamo gifts are stressless - We will schedule your gifts to ship out when you choose. We can send them to each recipient or ship them to you.

Gustiamo Gift Concierge will be happy to design your corporate gifts with you, or you can choose from our curated selection of Italian Food Baskets.

Are you part of a company that needs to give gifts to colleagues, clients, or friends?
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