The Oldest Grain In The World?


Farro Monococcum is an iconic grain that goes by many names.

Einkorn, enkir, small farro, little spelt, and farro monococcum all refer to one plant: Triticum Monococcum.

We know, we know, ancient grains are oh so trendy right now, but this farro takes ancient to a new level.

Farro Monococcum is literally the oldest grain that still exists today.

This painting from Pompeii depicts Farro Monococcum bread, sold at an Ancient Roman Market.

Talk about Ancient.

BUT, this farro is actually centuries more ancient than even Ancient Rome!

Farro Monococcum can be traced back to the times of “cave people.” Farro Monococcum was found with the world famous Ötzi, the “iceman” who lived during the Neolithic era.

Neolithic grain! You don’t even have to be a food nerd (like us) to find that mind blowing!


• Organically grown in Umbria by the The Alberti Family 

• Chewy texture, with strong nuttiness

• A must for winter soups + stews

• Delicious added to green salad

• Cook as an alternative to risotto

• Side dish, think Farro Winter Salad

• Easy to digest thanks to its high fiber content and low gluten