The Chili Peppers You Can’t Live Without

Maida Chili Peppers. 

You’ve been beating down our doors asking for this product. It’s the new harvest of Maida chili peppers, just picked in the Cilento region of Campania, and it’s finally here!

Small, red, and with a satisfyingly crunchy texture, chili peppers are an essential Mediterranean spicy ingredient. Think about aglio olio e peperoncino, arrabbiata sauce or just the hot twist on top of your pizza: Maida chili peppers won’t have you missing those ordinary chili flakes.

On Maida farm, Francesco Vastola grows a local pepper variety called Peperoncino a Cornetto – so named for its horn shape.

Harvested at dawn from these tiny and vigorous plants, by noon the peppers are sliced into small circles and, finally, preserved in Leccino EVOO, also produced by Maida.

What about the oil?

In the jar, the EVOO becomes naturally infused with the flavor of the chili pepper and the result is the best spicy olive oil that you have ever tasted. Spicy food people rejoice! Drizzle the oil on everything.