It Would Be Illegal. In Europe

We’re talking, AGAIN, about the San Marzano tomatoes scandal. I just received the comment below from Salvo Agusta, a lawyer in Italy, who explains what DOP really means in Europe. This is our point: it would be illegal in Europe to label a product San Marzano, if it is not a real San Marzano Tomato….

A Miracle – San Marzano Tomatoes Beyond DOP

Il Miracolo di San Gennaro is a tomato grown by Sabatino Abagnale in Agro Sarnese-Nocerino (the proper DOP Area). It is DNA tested 100% San Marzano, and a wonderful product. Sabatino’s production of Il Miracolo is very limited, a few thousand tins and jars per year! These Miracolo have reached a cult status and despite…