Sant’Eustachio Coffee – Breaking News – a tin at only $14.50

Sant'Eustachio Coffee
Sant’Eustachio Coffee

If you thought you never could afford a cup of this exceptional coffee because it was too expensive, think again! Sant’Eustachio price descends from the mountain top. A tin of 250 gr or 8.8 oz of Sant’Eustachio coffee is now $14.50. It has become as affordable as the other coffees you find in your local supermarket. You have no excuses, now!

Like the price, the tin is more slender than the chubby one you were used to, before. New tin on the left.

What happened? Raimondo and Roberto Ricci, the brothers who own the legendary Sant’Eustachio, decided to move the roasting process and packaging from the tiny space behind the famous bar in Roma to a real plant in Trieste, Italy’s coffee capital. As before, the coffee is roasted using wood fed machines which make the coffee perfectly balanced in taste, body and fragrance. With the move comes bigger production, economy of scale, lower prices and a desire to grow. Gustiamo took the discount and added some more. We want to grow with Sant’Eustachio coffee, too.

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  1. vince marchese says:

    excellent ,but why the 1kg bag is not available?

  2. Paul Mendoza says:

    How does one go about ordering a tin? THanks, Paul

  3. How is the quality? Has it changed at all? I certainly hope not! It’s was heaven as it was! I’m glad I got do taste it before the change and look forward to trying the new stuff!

  4. Paul,
    you can place your order on our website, here:
    Or call us at 718-860-2949!

  5. Just returned from Rome with six bags. I asked Sant’ Eustachio the same question. They said it had to do with shelf life. Well, how’s ’bout a 1kg can for 22 Euros?

  6. Dr. Denis, the 1 kg you saw in the coffee bar in Roma, was it a paper bag and what was the expiration date on it? we can’t import the bags because they have a very limited shelf life. don’t believe the friends at Sant’Eustachio are ready with the 1 kg vacuum packed container that can travel overseas. i may be wrong.

  7. says:

    Dr. Denis,
    Your favorite nephew Donny really appreciates the bag you’re going to give him for Christmas!!!

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