Food52 on Gustiamo’s tagline is “Italy’s Best Foods”

6a00e55029641d883401310fbaf1a5970c-800wiFood 52 is a website, a community and a contest created by Amanda and Monica. Every week they give you a new theme (it recently was meatloaf, then spinach): you submit your favorite recipe; they cook it and take pictures (BEAUTIFUL pictures); every week the community votes the best recipe; the best recipes of the year (52 weeks) will be featured in a book. Giving Amanda and Monica’s experience and talent in food books writing and publishing, this 52 book is already a huge success! It is week 41, therefore you’ve got to hurry up if you wish to participate.

Amanda and Monica are clearly obsessed with good, authentic, artisanal foods. This is what they write of Gustiamo:

6a00e55029641d883401310fbd3518970c-800wi  “Gustiamo’s tagline is “Italy’s Best Foods” and it’s really true. They scour the country for delicious products made by small, artisanal manufacturers, and their enthusiastic descriptions bear that out — each item, each artisan, each region is celebrated with a personal story. We even love their imperious commands when it comes to cooking instructions. It’s as if your very own uncompromising nonna is looking over your shoulder. – The Editors”

Amanda and Monica, thank you! Working too much, these days and not coooking. But I’ll submit my recipe when chosen ingredient is bottarga. I’ll contribute with my secret recipe of pasta with bottarga and I’m sure to win!!!