Gazzani Carnaroli Rice

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Gazzani Carnaroli is the perfect example of a fantastic Italian risotto rice. Carnaroli is often called the caviar of Italian rice - and for good reason. Thanks to its high starch content, it is able to absorb more water in the kernel instead of dissolving on the surface, which produces incredibly light and creamy risotto, without any stickiness. Carnaroli is more resistant to overcooking than other varieties like arborio. Carnaroli's medium-sized kernels retain their shape for a satisfyingly chewy texture.

Carnaroli is the preferred risotto rice in most of Italy, and pairs well with delicate ingredients like oysters, scallops, truffles, and fennel. Make a perfect traditional risotto alla Milanese with saffron, or a rich risotto with funghi porcini, sausage and radicchio. Carnaroli rice is also great on its own as a side dish with olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano, or mixed into salads or soups.  

Gazzani has been producing superfine rice at its mill in Vigasio, near Verona in the region of Veneto, since 1648. There, sandy soil and abundant spring water create the perfect conditions for rice cultivation, documented in that same spot since at least the year 1500. Today, producer Marco Soave continues to cultivate and process rice according to the traditions of his land, using eight of the original giant wooden pestles and Venetian marble mortars that have been in operation since the seventeenth century.


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