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Hazelnut perfection achieved. These are the classic Italian toasted hazelnuts that dreams are made of. With a deep, earthy taste and a tinge of nutty sweetness, these roasted hazelnuts contain none of the bitterness or burned flavors you’ll find in commercial versions. Their delicate crunch makes them perfect for a variety of sweet and savory uses: chop them up as a topping for yogurt or gelato; mix them into your favorite cookie or homemade granola recipe, toss them with salads or snack on them right out of the bag.

This team of childhood friends: Giorgio, Marco, and Marco (yes they’re both Marco) of Terra delle Nocciole grows a variety of hazelnuts called Tonda Gentile Trilobata, aka Langarola Classica, in the Alta Langa, a section of Piemonte with a microclimate particularly suited to the production of hazelnuts. Cold nights allow the hazelnuts to mature slowly, and the salty sea breeze lends its savory minerality to the plant, perfectly balancing the hazelnuts’ sweet notes. Each of the trees produces only about 8 kg of hazelnuts, at least 30% less than other varieties, which accounts for their intense flavor and high quantity of healthy fats. After the hazelnuts drop off the trees, they are harvested, dried, roasted and packed by hand.

Terra delle Nocciole is located in Cravanzana, a tiny town of 400 people at an altitude of about 585 m above sea level. Most of their production goes to supply gelaterie, but now you can enjoy the world-famous flavor of truly unique Piemontese hazelnuts at home.  

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