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Bottarga is an ingredient worth having close at hand, always in your fridge. Bottarga is roe: mullet fish eggs that have been salted and dried. This mullet bottarga is made by Oro di Cabras, our bottarga experts in Sardegna. Our bottarga has just the right flavor of fish, concentrated salt and umami. It enhances any dish with a briny Mediterranean Sea aroma. Mullet bottarga is more delicate tasting than tuna bottarga. 
All you have to do to use this mullet bottarga is peel away the outer layer and slice or grate it. For example, slice it thin for a classic spaghetti con bottarga with real extra virigin olive oil. Or to use it, not only to add salt and umami, but also to add a delightfully feathery texture to your dishes, shave it directly onto bruschetta, bitter greens, mashed potatoes, risotto, scrambled eggs, pizza, or fresh fennel salad. One whole bottarga can flavor dozens of meals! 
This Bottarga di Muggine is made from the roe (egg) pouch of the grey mullet fish. Once it has been dried and cured, it has a golden or amber color and a savory, briny taste with a hint of almond. Bottarga was once known as the “poor man’s caviar,” but that hardly does justice to this Mediterranean delicacy, prized by food lovers from the ancient Egyptian, Phoenician and Roman empires, on up to the present. 
Use it for:
Before you start to tell us that you don't like fishy flavors, hear us out: we have served this dish…
Bottarga is an ingredient worth having close at hand, always in your fridge. Bottarga is…