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The Serious Eats team selected some of their favorite Gustiamo goods—so you can have a delicious, Italian-inspired holiday season.  

Pistachio Spread: Since first getting our hands on a jar of this pistachio spread, we haven't stopped talking about it. Made from Sicilian pistachios, olive oil, sugar, and sea salt, it's sweet, slightly salty, incredibly creamy, and just flat-out delicious. While it's not cheap, this is one of those specialty products that are actually worth the price tag, and it makes a great gift. Spread it on bread, drizzle it over ice cream, or just eat it by the spoonful straight from the jar.

Colatura: If you want to give the gift of umami, you owe it to your intended recipient to check out this aged Italian fish sauce. Hailing from the town of Cetara on the Amalfi Coast, colatura is made by aging anchovies and sea salt in chestnut barrels for roughly three years, producing a rich, deeply savory fish sauce that can be used as a flavor enhancer for meats, fish, or vegetables. Or, try it as the star of the show in spaghetti con la colatura.

Espresso CoffeeSant’Eustachio is a coffee-bar institution in the center of Rome, and it's where Serious Eats's Senior Culinary Editor Sasha's life as a coffee drinker began when he was a kid. The baristi at Sant’Eustachio perform coffee alchemy at espresso machines outfitted with custom-made metal partitions that keep their methods secret from curious onlooking customers. He always tries to bring back a bag of Sant’Eustachio coffee for his father every time he visits the Eternal City, but now he can just order some online. How convenient!

San Marzano Tomatoes: Most of the "San Marzano" tomatoes you see in the supermarket are only so in name—they are the San Marzano variety but not actually grown around San Marzano, Italy, which makes all the difference. These here are the real deal, so sweet and ripe it's like they went straight off the vine into your mouth. If you've been unable to understand what all the fuss is about with San Marzanos, this can will clear it up for you.

Gemelli Faella: If you cook and eat a lot of pasta at home, then you should treat yourself (or a loved one) to some high quality dried pasta this holiday season. Faella, a producer from the famed Campanian noodle capital of Gragnano, makes some of the best dried pasta around. All of their noodles are extruded through bronze dies and dried slowly at low temperatures, which translates to pasta with great flavor, a coarse exterior texture that makes for a better sauce-holding surface, and extra-starchy pasta water (key for making great sauces). Gemelli (“twins”) are a favorite shape of Senior Culinary Editor Sasha Marx, who loves their great chew, which pairs perfectly with tomato sauces, pestos, and the like.

Borlotti Beans: At first glance, the mottled brown skin of borlotti beans signals that they're nothing more than cranberry beans with a fancy Italian name. That's not entirely inaccurate—borlotti beans are cranberry beans, but they're one very special variety of them. Like so many other ingredients, dried beans span a range of quality levels and degrees of freshness, and these borlotti beans are a prime example of what a great bean can be. Cook them up, and you'll discover plump and buttery beans with a lightly sweet, earthy flavor that's well worth the premium.

This gift box comes from Gustiamo, an independent Bronx based importer that sources some of the most authentic and real food from Italy. Our mission is to improve the quality of Italian food in the United States, while supporting artisanal grastronomic traditions and connecting good farmers + food makers in Italy with eaters and home cooks across the US.