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The Serious Eats team selected some of their favorite Gustiamo goods—so you can have a delicious, Italian-inspired holiday season.  Pistachio Spread, made from Sicilian pistachios, olive oil, sugar, and sea salt, it's sweet, slightly salty, incredibly creamy, and just flat-out delicious.  Anchovy Colatura, if you want to give the gift of umami, you owe it to your intended recipient to check out this aged Italian fish sauce.  San Marzano Tomatoes, these here are the real deal, so sweet and ripe it's like they went straight off the vine into your mouth. Gemelli Faella are some of the best dried pasta around, extruded through bronze dies and dried slowly at low temperatures. These Borlotti Beans are a prime example of what a great bean can be. Cook them up, and you'll discover plump and buttery beans with a lightly sweet, earthy flavor. Pianogrillo Olive Oil is remarkably well-balanced—smooth and rich up front, with a peppery finish on the back of the throat. 
This gift box comes from Gustiamo, an independent Bronx based importer that sources some of the most authentic and real food from Italy. Our mission is to connect good farmers + food makers in Italy with eaters and home cooks across the US. 
Packed in a cardboard box filled with non-tacky, festive crinkle paper, this gift box can be personalized with your gift note. If unavailable, foods in this gift box will be replaced with similar ingredients of the same or higher value.

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Are you part of a company who has 10 or more gifts to send? The Gustiamo [not so] Corporate Gift Program is the answer.