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Marco Colzani’s Isabella Concord Grape Nectar was inspired by Marco’s own childhood memory of the sweet scent of Isabella grapes washing over the vineyards of Piemonte in early September. He has bottled that memory along with the jammy aroma and sweet-tart flavor of sun-ripened grapes. Marco’s Isabella Grape Nectar is a striking balance between fruit smoothie and fine wine - with a smooth but dense, viscous texture and the slightly tannic structure we’d expect from a grape juice right out of the heart of Italian wine country. 
Marco Colzani makes his Isabella Concord Grape Nectar the only way a trained enologist knows how: using the highest quality grapes grown in the perfect environment and harvested by hand at the peak of ripeness. The grapes are pressed and the white pulp is left to macerate on the skins overnight, giving the juice its vivid purple color as well as the aromas typical of the Isabella concord grape. And just as if he were bottling fine wine, Marco displays the variety, area of cultivation, and year of production on the label. Each nectar is made without chemical preservatives, additives, or dyes.

This is the breakfast beverage par excellence - which may be why it's in high demand at the world's top hotels - and makes a luxurious treat at any time of the day. Mix this fruit nectar with your favorite spirits or tonics for a stunning cocktail or mocktail. Sipping this nectar is the closest thing to drinking fresh Italian grapes: complete with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, all left intact through a gentle pasteurization process. Following his minimalist principle, he decided "to take away everything unnecessary, and try to come as close as possible to the original."