Victor Hazan on the I’ll Drink to That! Wine Podcast

We are long-time lovers of Levi Dalton’s I’ll Drink to That! Wine Podcast. Why do we dig this podcast? Because Levi gets real with the people he interviews, he goes deep and lets them talk.  He interviews all the wine people that we admire, from Beppe Colla to Arianna Occhipinti, to one of his latest episodes with Victor Hazan.

Levi actually recorded this episode of I’ll Drink to That! from the Gustiamo Warehouse. If you listen, he gives us a mega shoutout in the beginning, calling Gustiamo “an oasis of well-chosen Italian ingredients.”

Listen to this episode. It is fully inspiring.  We love Levi and Victor’s discussion of identity throughout the episode. Our favorite part is when they are discussing identity in modern wines and Victor says: “You need extraordinary dedication to preserve identity because the temptation is image. Image and identity are not the same thing. Image is easier to sell than identity.”

Our second favorite part of the episode with when Levi asks Victor about staying true to his beliefs. Victor describes his career decisions as:
“The united career with my wife… because Marcella was herself uncompromising, about her food, about her recipes. She wouldn’t do something because this was going to be the big new ingredient or big new dish. She did it because this is what she believed she wanted to be. And of course she was like this all the way through in life. ”

Oh, and of course we love the part when Victor Hazan shares that he buys ALL of his tomatoes at Gustiamo.

Listen to this, we promise it will the best 55 minutes of your day!