The Bronx Graffiti Art Gallery in Edible Bronx

Did you see Gustiamo in Edible Bronx? There’s a great article about us, with beautiful pictures. In the same issue, there is also an article about the amazing graffiti murals located in the Gustiamo piazza, curated by our friend Lady K Fever.

“In the courtyard of Gustiamo, 1715 W. Farms Road, lies an outdoor art gallery: 1,500 square feet of wall space donated to Bronx graffiti artists, curated by Lady K-Fever and Scratch, featuring famed artists Ces, Kingbee and Tats Cru… The Bronx Graffiti Art Gallery was another avenue for her to help promote the value of graffiti. It was born of a connection built on Howie’s contagious passion and clear vision, plus a little bit of luck. While she was working with the Bronx River Art Center, the Italian import company Gustiamo sponsored food for an after-school event. Company owner Beatrice Ughi, didn’t attend that day but a year later Ughi and Howie finally crossed paths—bumping into each other at another event… How I met [Beatrice of Gustiamo] was magical,” Howie recalls. “Bea came up to me and said, ‘Oh my God, I’ve been looking for you.’” The two women took a trip to see a wall outside the Gustiamo warehouse, a perfect canvas for a Lady K-Fever mural…”

We still have some naked wall left! We’re hoping our artist friends will return soon!