Rice that’s Powered by Water

No, the photo you see here is not an antique farm tool collecting dust in a rural museum. It is a fully functioning water power system. Bam! We hope that’s as exciting for you as it is for us.

Do you love Gazzani Rice? If you already do, now you have one more reason to. All Gazzani rice is milled with a mechanical process, powered by H2O.

Water has always been an essential part of rice production. Yes, rice is grown in water. But also, back in the day, water was essential for milling the rice too. Riseria Gazzani was founded in 1648 in the place where it still operates today exactly because of its close proximity to the Graicella and Adige rivers. Still today, the water of these rivers originates in the mountain springs in northern Italy and flows into Verona via many small streams. Marco Soave of Riseria Gazzani  says the water is “so clean you can drink it.”

We are very proud to work with a company like Riseria Gazzani who recognizes that sometimes the old way is the better way.  They have an admirable all-around philosophy. Gazzani has been producing rice for over 300 years. To call them rice experts would be an understatement. Yet, they only plant 2 rice varieties, Vialone Nano and Carnaroli. Green energy Vialone Nano and Carnaroli that is! Simple and high-quality rice.

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