Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

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Marco Colzani’s Chocolate Hazelnut spread: your quest for deliciously simple, naturally-made foods just high-fived your inner child. Chocolate and hazelnut spread - or gianduja- has a special place on the Italian breakfast table. Unbelievably flavorful, this spread is bursting with hazelnut flavor. Simplicity is one of Marco’s core beliefs, so he created his gianduja spread with just three ingredients: Piemontese hazelnuts, cacao, cane sugar. Marco sources the hazelnuts himself from IGP hazelnut farmers in Piemonte, neighboring his own region of Lombardia, and carefully toasts them to bring out the flavor.

As your inner child probably knows, there’s little that can’t be enhanced with chocolate and hazelnut spread. Marco's Cacao e Nocciole del Piemonte i.g.p. Crema Spalmabile is perfect for crostata Italiana, as a filling for crepes or topping for pancakes; mix a dolop into fresh gelato; or spread it onto fresh bread or warm toast for your new favorite breakfast. Or - go ahead. Grab a spoon and dig in.

Marco Colzani is a young, passionate chocolatier who opened his own laboratory in 2016. After graduating with a degree in agriculture, Marco became an enologist. But, eager to return to his roots in Lake Como, he soon took all the research and technical skill he had learned in his study of wine - origins, terroir, fermentation, acidity, sugars and oxidation - and turned it to a new passion: chocolate. Under his brand C-Amaro, Marco produces three spreads: pistachio, almond, and chocolate hazelnut, as well as a line of bean-to-bar chocolate. In all of the artisanal sweets he produces, his philosophy is simple: “to take away everything that is unnecessary, and try to come as close as possible to the original.”

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